Steering wheel(HW-046)

Steering Wheel---

Material:  PP, PU , plastic, steel.


Spec of steering wheel---

Outer Diamater  425mm, 450mm.....
1)with good feel
3) Colour: Black, red, ect


Available on:

Tractor like: Ursus, Kubota, Iseki, John Deere, Fiat...


wheel simulator(HW-047)


wheel simulators is also named wheel hub cap, hubcaps,wheel cover, stainless wheel simulator.

Material:  ABS, Nylon and 304 stainless steel is available.

Size:  22.5"  19.5"  17.5" etc.


Wheel cover nut :

Size:   32*25.7 mm       41*27.4 mm         42*20.7 mm        42*27.4 mm      

         44*41 mm           46*33 mm            48*26.7 mm        50*38 mm 

         51*32.8 mm        51*33 mm             52*32.8 mm        52*37.8 mm  

         59*41 mm         64*32.8mm............         

Application:  fit to truck, bus etc. 





Triangle warner plate(HW-005)

Warning Triangle Reflector:

Size: 430mm ...

Material: HIPS+GPPS

Application: widely use on truck, car, engineering vehicles etc.

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